The Big Bang Sales Series

  The Big Bang Sales is a periodic sales event organized by Oaks Tranzact – a Yard Sale Company. This  sales event is usually themed “Discount Sales Fest” as we encourage our vendors to sell at discounted prices to buyers. 
  New, Old-stock, slow-moving-goods, and slightly-defected-yet-valuable goods are welcome for sale at these events, which grants sellers a huge advantage to sell off these goods.
 The Big Bang Sales had its first event in December 2015 and has since then held 3 series. The goal is to host at least 3 of these Discount Festival every year. 
The Big Bang Sales also aims to help organize Movers' Sales, Promo & Festive season sales by a single vendor or group of Vendors...
   For partnerships or further inquiries please send a mail to or call 07057878216
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